What We Do

What we do

Despite geothermal’s historically low market-share, GeothermEx sees a galaxy of untapped potential awaiting development.

But before we commit, we get real. We check ourselves. Does the project make sense? Can we help advance it? Do we have all needed expertise available in-house or do we need to join forces with others? Is the timeline realistic? And we check with the customer. Are there any technical or economic red flags? Will the project be good for the customer, the local community and the environment?

Then we get down to business. Our long and varied experience enables our customers to get their geothermal projects online quickly. We guide projects forward though exploration, stakeholder buy-in, well testing and resource confirmation, power cycle optimization and acceptance testing. During routine operations, our work continues with resource monitoring and management, numerical reservoir modeling to optimize and maintain output, and evaluation of expansion options.

GeothermEx provides the following services to advance geothermal projects into routine operations and ensure long-term project sustainability.

Our Services


  • Reconnaissance Exploration
  • Geology, Geochemistry, Geophysics
  • Conceptual Modeling
  • Resource Capacity Estimate
  • Data Gap Analysis
  • Focused Exploration
  • Identification of Drilling Locations & Targets


  • Initial Drilling Campaign
  • Core Holes, Slim Holes, and/or Full-Diameter Wells
  • Well Testing
  • Fluid Sampling & Analysis
  • Conceptual Model Update
  • Resource Capacity Update
  • Power Cycle Optimization


  • Well Design
  • Drilling Campaign Planning
  • Drilling Management
  • Multi-Well Interference Testing
  • Fluid Sampling & Analysis
  • Tracer Testing
  • Numerical Reservoir Modeling
  • Resource Confirmation
  • Reservoir Monitoring Program


  • Start-up support
  • Troubleshooting
  • Acceptance Testing
  • Resource Surveillance & Analysis
  • Reservoir Model Update
  • Production/Injection Adjustment
  • Resource Optimization