Geothermal Well Testing to Quantify Your Resource

Well testing is a critical phase in the development of any geothermal resource. In the past three decades, we have tested wells that tap into all types of reservoirs - dry steam, low enthalpy, two-phase, single-phase hot water, hypersaline, high gas and EGS. We have significant expertise in fluid chemistry, sampling and analysis. In some sites, such as Guatemala and the Azores, we have been testing and analyzing fluid samples for decades, giving us an unmatched understanding of how resources can perform over time – a critical perspective for any geothermal project. From Japan to Dixie Valley, from Papua New Guinea to The Geysers in California, our testing services have provided exceptional value for our clients. Our services include:

  • Designing well tests and specifying instrumentation requirements
  • Procuring test equipment and services
  • Conducting the tests and analyzing results
  • Fluid sampling during well testing
  • Analyzing pressure transient data from hydraulically complex reservoirs
  • Integrating well test results for optimum field development

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