Comprehensive Geothermal Resource Expertise

GeothermEx’s comprehensive suite of expert services covers the full spectrum of requirements for the successful development of geothermal power. Whatever phase your project is in, our wide-ranging, interdisciplinary approach delivers results. From resource exploration and assessment through reservoir modeling and project design, development and management, we have years of experience as analysts and practitioners, helping you to reach your goals quickly and cost-effectively.

“This company has provided…consulting services that involved drilling, exploration, resource testing and analysis, engineering and project management. They have also been very helpful in providing expert support in our business dealings with customers (utilities), lending institutions and regulatory agencies…The project had a very tough overall schedule of 13 months and this was successfully met. GeothermEx made an important contribution to our success, providing a full range of technical and project management services…Based on our experience, we believe their expertise and capability would be a valuable asset in any geothermal resource program.”
—The developer of a geothermal power project in Nevada
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