Reducing Geothermal Resource Risk Through Expert Assessment

Understanding and evaluating geothermal resources forms the heart of what we do at GeothermEx. In any geothermal project, the most significant variable is the resource itself. Assessing the risks and opportunities in a resource is critical to long-term success. Over the past three decades, we have become global leaders in resource assessment with specialized expertise in everything you need to understand your resource -- from geological analysis to numerical reservoir modeling to economic analysis. We have assessed resources all over the world in projects that cumulatively represent nearly 7,000 MW of dry steam, flash steam and binary cycle geothermal power. Our experience spans a wide range of resource types including low enthalpy, single-phase water, two-phase water, single-phase steam and hypersaline brine. Our resource assessment services include:

  • Integrated, interdisciplinary conceptual modeling
  • Reserve estimation
  • Identification and characterization of development risks
  • Optimization of field development
  • Power cycle analysis
  • Field management planning
  • Economic analysis

From more information and a list of projects ( PDF file PDF files):

Worldwide Projects