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The Geysers — A Legacy Geothermal Project

Since its inception in 1973, GeothermEx has worked extensively at The Geysers. Among our many accomplishments in this field are the development of 150 MW of steam supply on a turnkey basis, managing the drilling of deep wells in areas with high non-condensable gases and undertaking innovative reservoir engineering analyses, including the first-ever field-wide numerical model, and supporting the development of integrated simulations that include not only the reservoir, but also the wells, steam pipeline and power plants.

Client: Western Geopower Corp., Vancouver BC
Location: The Geysers, California
Date: 2006 – present

Project Goals

  • Evaluate a project resource area for acquisition on favorable terms
  • Assess the feasibility of rehabilitating a formerly operating sector of The Geysers
  • Develop and execute a streamlined program of permitting, drilling and testing to provide the project steam supply on a compressed schedule
  • Maximize the utilization of the geothermal resource within the project leasehold

The GeothermEx Approach

GeothermEx’s decades of experience working in The Geysers field provided the leverage needed to get the greatest insight out of the development and operational data from a previously operating project (Unit 15). Reservoir engineering, geologic analysis and economic modeling were used to determine project value and the best approach to development. A cooperative effort with other project consultants was followed to get development drilling underway in the most timely and efficient manner possible. Close contact with regulators and a proactive approach streamlined the permitting process, getting development drilling underway in record time.


  • After initial acquisition of the central property, the project leasehold was expanded to more than 1,000 acres through strategic acquisitions based on reservoir analysis
  • A feasibility study in support of project planning was completed, and used to secure financing for project development
  • Drilling sites were selected, and planning, procurement and drilling began on schedule