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Geothermal Power in the Azores Islands

Client: Sociedade Geotérmica dos Açores, S.A. (SOGEO)
Sociedade Geoeléctrica da Terceira, S.A. (GeoTerceira)

Location: Azores Islands, Portugal
Date: 1996 - present

Project Goals

  • Expand the generation capacity and optimize field and reservoir management in a developed geothermal field
  • Develop and carry out exploration programs to identify new resources
  • Design and execute drilling operations in a difficult-to-supply island location
  • Evaluate the technical and economic feasibility of new projects and expansions of existing projects
  • Solve problems related to injection, scaling and field/ plant performance

The GeothermEx Approach

GeothermEx has provided a broad range of technical services that integrate with and complement the capabilities of the developer/ operator. Geology, geophysics, geochemistry, drilling engineering, well testing and reservoir engineering expertise are applied as needed to fulfill each task and solve each problem with the most appropriate tools. GeothermEx helps train the developer’s staff to handle routine functions so that GeothermEx’s services can be applied most cost-effectively. A comprehensive project database is maintained, so that all activities are progressively optimized and existing facilities are used efficiently. Long-term, personal relationships ensure that local conditions and the developer’s needs and understood thoroughly.


  • The installed geothermal generation capacity on the island of São Miguel has increased from 5 MW to 23 MW
  • Geothermal generation meets 50% of São Miguel’s electricity needs
  • A new high-temperature geothermal resource has been discovered on the island of Terceira
  • Nine successful new wells have been drilled, and two formerly idle wells have been rehabilitated for commercial use
  • A field-wide numerical model guides reservoir utilization and project expansion on São Miguel
  • Full injection has been implemented, reducing environmental impacts and improving field performance
  • A 12 MW development plan for Terceira is in place and is on track for completion within several years