Geothermal Reservoir Modeling to Optimize Your Project

Analyzing and predicting the behavior of a geothermal resource over time is one of the most critical components of geothermal power production. At GeothermEx, we have conducted numerical simulations of more geothermal reservoirs that any other organization in the world – 45 and counting. These site-specific simulations have been conducted in most major geothermal regions around the world including the United States, Latin America, all around the Pacific “Ring of Fire” and Africa. From projects with capacities less than 15 MW to those with more than 1,000 MW of generation, we have undertaken simulations for all categories of geothermal systems including:

  • Single-phase water reservoirs
  • Single-phase steamreservoirs
  • Two-phase (water and steam) reservoirs
  • Two-phase systems with CO2 gas
  • Hyper-saline brine systems
  • Systems with magmatic heat transfer
  • Single-porosity as well as dual-porosity systems

For more information on our numerical simulation services ( PDF file PDF files):

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