The clean, green,
electricity machine.

If only there was an infinite supply of natural, clean, green energy, ready to be tapped 24/7.  There is.  You’re standing on it.

And GeothermEx has been getting it out of the ground since 1973.

Our work is all about what lies beneath.  We explore, assess, drill, test, model and quantify the foundational element of every geothermal project:  the resource itself.  We also enable another key element:  funding.  By collaboratively working with project developers and their investors and financiers, GeothermEx enables projects to be built and operated with confidence.  Our due diligence has resulted in more than $14 billion in project investments and 8.5 GW of power, more than half of the world’s operating geothermal capacity today.  The GeothermEx Report is the de facto gold standard for geothermal investments.

We believe in and actively promote geothermal in its many useful and environmentally friendly forms, and we are ready to facilitate a major expansion of the only 24/7 source of clean, renewable energy:  geothermal.

2021 conference

#GRC2021 is all about building relationships, discussing opportunities, and informing people outside our community about geothermal energy.

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Our talks at GRC 2021

Ann Robertson-Tait

Session: Geothermal Hybrids
Oct 5, 4:00pm

Better together:
New synergies and opportunities from hybrid projects.

Geothermal energy can be an excellent partner with other technologies.

This paper explores a few geothermal hybrid options, including co-production of hot water from hydrocarbon fields in deep sedimentary basins, geothermal + solar, wind + geothermal, and geothermal as a source of green hydrogen in island settings where demand is less than supply, and where geothermal resources are stranded because of remoteness, a lack of transmission, or both.

Cristina Vasilache & James Lovekin

Session: Maximizing Plant and Field Energy Recovery
Oct 6, 7:30am

Enabling Geothermal Energy Growth with Electric Submersible Pumps at 225°C

Many mature, high-enthalpy fields have declined in pressure so that certain wells no longer flow to the plant.

This paper describes a new generation of electric submersible pumps (ESPs) that can allow these idle wells to be returned to production. The new ESPs can operate at temperatures up to 225° and at flow rates up to 640 tons per hour.

Michelle Sullera

Session: Integrated Geothermal Reservoir Simulation — Validating Integrated Geoscience Interpretations
Oct 6, 7:30am

High-Resolution Numerical Modelling of the Leyte Geothermal Field in ECLIPSE Simulator

The paper describes the results of the collaboration between EDC and GeothermEx to develop a high-resolution model of the Leyte geothermal field in ECLIPSE* industry-reference reservoir simulator.

The increased resolution enabled improved calibration to the observed changes in enthalpy brought about by injection breakthrough.

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