Geothermal Exploration to Find and Understand Your Resource

In the exploration and reconnaissance phase of any geothermal project, you need a partner who really understands what’s going on underground. At GeothermEx, we have surveyed, mapped and analyzed more than 100 different geothermal fields across the globe. From full-scale exploration, management and planning on remote island locations to a multi-year project in Nevada that resulted in a 60 MW geothermal development, we offer the critical know-how to explore and assess new geothermal resources and step-outs from existing developments.

Our services in the early phases of a project include:

  • Geologic mapping
  • Fluid geochemistry
  • Temperature-gradient drilling
  • Permitting
  • Well-site geology
  • Critical analysis of project data

For further information ( PDF file PDF files):

“GeothermEx carried out a successful geothermal exploration program in the Philippines within the time schedule…despite most difficult field conditions involving very rough mountain terrain, extreme supply problems and hostile elements of local population…The survey work was followed up by an excellent technical and financial analysis of the potential for geothermal power…”
—A geothermal developer in The Philippines
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