Enhanced Geothermal Systems: the Geothermal Future

Existing conventional hydrothermal developments barely scratch the surface in terms of the vast heat resources of the planet. At GeothermEx, we understand that geothermal’s long-term, large-scale success will depend on deployment of systems that release more of the latent potential locked in the ground through the development of Enhanced Geothermal Systems or EGS. Through the lens of our commercial geothermal experience, we have used existing EGS R&D as a stepping stone in developing leading-edge development concepts and analytical methods aimed at both technical and economic issues.

Our combined experience with EGS and conventional geothermal has enabled us to conceive innovative, low-risk approaches for developing EGS resources that will be demonstrated first in areas within or adjacent to existing hydrothermal developments, later stepping out into areas of lower heat flow. Our economic analysis indicates that while EGS remains a strategic resource today, it can become commercially competitive in the coming decades. GeothermEx will continue to be a significant player in this important geothermal arena to hasten the commercial realization of EGS power production.

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