Generating Success For Your Geothermal Project

Success in any geothermal project requires an informed, interdisciplinary approach that combines innovative science and engineering with significant experience and hands-on project management. At GeothermEx, we deliver just that.

We are the largest, most comprehensive geothermal consulting and services firm in the Western Hemisphere. We have served a large and diverse client base in evaluating and developing hundreds of geothermal projects in more than 56 countries worldwide. This means we partner with you to deliver projects on time and on budget with unparalleled quality, efficiency and results.

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Our comprehensive suite of expert geothermal services covers the full spectrum of resource-related issues -- from exploration and drilling through analysis, project management, financial modeling and operational support. These services are based on an interdisciplinary methodology that has generated proven results since 1973.

Our staff includes world-renowned specialists in geosciences, drilling, engineering, project development, reservoir management and economic analysis. We have collectively authored several hundred geothermal-specific publications and have developed numerous innovative and pioneering techniques for optimizing geothermal resources.

Our projects have led to the successful installation of nearly 7,500 megawatts of geothermal power generation capacity and enabled more than $13 billion in project financing. We have worked with nearly every energy company involved in geothermal exploration and development. We have worked with public and private electrical utilities and financial organizations, government agencies and land owners in executing geothermal energy projects. And we work closely with engineering companies involved in power plant design and construction so that maximum efficiency and sustainability is achieved from every bit of the geothermal fluid extracted from deep underground.

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